Do you know what Drosera is?

The name of our villa Drosera did not just come about by chance! It is derived from an interesting plant with the Latin name Drosera rotundifolia, which also grows in the Račkova valley. What makes it so interesting?

Drosera rotundifolia, or Drosera rotundifolia in Slovak, occurs naturally mainly in marshes. It grows in North America, Siberia and Japan, but you can also find it in Europe. It is even found in Slovakia, in several locations. One of them is the Račkova dolina valley, which is known for its exceptionally pure nature.

What does Drosera look like??

At first glance, you won't mistake a Drosera for any other plant. It is particularly exceptional because of its distinctive red colour, which you can see from a distance. If you see it in July or August, when it blooms, it will captivate you with its beautiful pink to white flowers.

Drosera Rutundifolia

Carnivorous plant

Indeed, carnivorous plants do not only grow in the forests, but you can also meet them in the Račka valley! With its distinctive red colour and sweet sticky substance on its surface, the drosera attracts insects, which it feeds on. It consumes mainly flies and butterflies. When the insects stick to the sticky parts, powerful enzymes begin to break it down and the nutrients are then absorbed into the interior of the plant.

Did you know: : Drosera has medicinal properties? Even, some substances from it are used as part of medicines!!

Drosera s muchou

Can you find it too?

When you go for a walk in the picturesque nature of the Račka valley, try to look for a stream or a marsh. If you pay attention to the plants, there is a good chance that you will come across Drosera. But be careful - under no circumstances touch it or pick it. It is protected by law as it is a vulnerable species. But you'll be fascinated by its unique shapes and colours!

Drosera rotundifolia