Villa Drosera

If you are looking for luxury in the heart of the Western Tatras,

Villa Drosera in Rackova valley is your choice.

Looking for luxury in the heart of the Western Tatras?

The unique Villa Drosera will spoil you with its exclusive furnishings and unique atmosphere.
In its surroundings, the picturesque Račkova dolina valley is situated, where you will experience undisturbed relaxation.
The villa is located only 300 metres from hiking trails!

Villa Drosera is the perfect place not only for summer but also for winter holidays.
Whether you are planning a family stay, a romantic weekend with your partner or a corporate event, you will undoubtedly find something to suit you.
Luxury beds, sauna with panoramic views, jacuzzi, this is just a fraction of what awaits you!

Treat your body to perfect relaxation and let yourself be enchanted by luxury.
Villa Drosera will offer an experience for all your senses!


Villa Drosera

Villa Drosera má k dispozícii štyri klasické spálne a dve mezonetové spálne. Každá spáleň z plnohodnotnou kúpeľňou.


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The lake at Villa Drosera is a popular attraction for many visitors. This year, however, it is even more interesting, as we have stocked it with 30 trout - both brook and rainbow!
The name of our villa Drosera did not just come about by chance! It is derived from an interesting plant with the Latin name Drosera rotundifolia, which also grows in the Račkova ...