Our pond has come to life!

The lake at Villa Drosera is a popular attraction for many visitors. This year, however, it is even more interesting, as we have stocked it with 30 trout - both brook and rainbow!

Our pond is a popular place for undisturbed relaxation. To give it life, we put trout in it. But these are not just for decoration.If you fancy some fresh grilled fish, we give you the opportunity to catch them.

Try fishing for yourself?

Have you always wanted to fish, but don't have a permit or the necessary equipment? In Villa Drosera we will make this dream come true. We will lend you all the equipment you need to catch trout in our pond. The price per fish is 12 €.

Sport fishing is banned here, so you can't put the trout you catch back in the pond. However, you can grill it on our quality grill and treat yourself to an unusual dinner.


Interesting attraction for children

If you are not into fishing, you can watch the trout swimming and catching flies on the surface while relaxing by the pond. This will undoubtedly fascinate not only you, but also your children, who can see how nature works with their own eyes. They will take away a wealth of experiences and memories from their stay in Villa Drosera.

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